7+ WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin Free and Pro 2024

To improve users’ shopping experience, the WooCommerce mini cart plugin can help a lot. WooCommerce has a default cart option. It works properly. However, the modern mini cart plugin can help make it smoother. In today’s blog, we will know the best WooCommerce mini cart plugin free and pro.

Why Use a WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin?

Imagine a scenario of a regular WooCommerce website. The home page is trendy, and the shop page is clean with all the latest products. Visitors come and filter products and select them into the cart. The cart is the default WooCommerce cart which is functional but not updated. Users felt uncomfortable and left the website.

So, after the whole journey, you lose the traffic and potential sale. A better mini cart can redouble your customer’s enjoyment while buying stuff from your site. The reason is simple, they can buy comfortably from your site.

Mini cart is one of the best tools to improve cart abandonment problems in any WooCommerce site.

Now, let’s explore all the top WooCommerce mini cart plugins here. We have discussed the WooCommerce mini cart plugin free at the start. And later we discuss the premium WooCommerce mini cart plugin. We also add our own recommended mini cart plugin for WooCommerce at the end of this blog.

Cart All In One For WooCommerce

Cart All In One For WooCommerce, WooCommerce mini cart plugin, Woooplugin

If you want to give a smoother checkout experience from the mini cart, then the Cart All In One For WooCommerce plugin can help. The plugin comes with a single-click checkout process from the mini cart. You can also get a sidebar cart, menu cart, sticky add to cart button, checkout on sidebar cart, and one-click checkout WooCommerce. With all these features you can make your WooCommerce Store work more effectively.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $30

Notable Features List

🟒 Sidebar cart
🟒 Menu cart
🟒 Ajax add to cart
🟒 Add to cart for variable product
🟒 Sticky add to cart button
🟒 Recently viewed products
🟒 Checkout area on sidebar cart
🟒 One-click checkout WooCommerce

Sliding WooCommerce Cart by FunnelKit

Sliding WooCommerce Cart by FunnelKit, Woooplugin

Looking for a trendy sliding cart for your WooCommerce store? You can check FunnelKit cart add-ons. These addons also allow you to get upsell from the sliding cart while buyers will be able to add and update quantity on the cart page. You can also allow the customers to go to the checkout page directly avoiding the cart page with this plugin.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $99.5 with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Notable Features of Funnelkit Cart Addons

🟒 Faster Checkout Journey
🟒 Quick Access to the Cart
🟒 Upsell and Cross-Sell Offers
🟒 Recommend Variable Items
🟒 Offer Free Shipping
🟒 Unlock a Free Gift
🟒 Give an Attractive Discount
🟒 Boost User Experience

WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce

WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce, Woooplugin

WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce is one of the top WooCommerce cart plugins. It has over 10,000 active users at this time. The plugin helps your site add products to the cart without leaving the current page or reloading the page manually. In addition, users are entitled to review their order, proceed to checkout, or continue shopping – all actions are triggered on just one screen.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $30.74 with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Notable Features of WPC Fly Cart

🟒 Enable/disable instant checkout
🟒 Enable/disable coupon filling on Fly Cart
🟒 Enable/disable shipping cost and shipping calculation
🟒 Compatible with both AJAX and normal Add to Cart buttons
🟒 Enable/disable the overlay effect

WooCommerce Modal Fly Cart + Ajax add to cart (4k+)

WooCommerce Modal Fly Cart, Woooplugin

Now let’s discuss a new but growing WooCommerce Popup Cart and mini cart plugin. The plugin is made by aThemeArt. The plugin comes with several styles and effects. Changing products from the cart does not require reloading with this plugin. Also, it shows immediately the product/item including carting, with β€œView Cart & Checkout Buttons”.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $13

Notable Features of Modal Fly Cart

🟒 Add to cart without page refresh
🟒 Auto-open or manual button activation.
🟒 Pop-up opens after adding items to the cart on archive pages.
🟒 Includes view cart and checkout buttons.
🟒 Works seamlessly for both simple and variable products.
🟒 Easily increase or decrease quantity within the popup.

Mini Ajax Cart for WooCommerce

Mini Ajax Cart for WooCommerce, Woooplugin

Mini Ajax Cart is another WooCommerce mini cart extension. It allows you to add a sticking shopping cart to your WooCommerce-based online store. Through the floating cart, your audience can easily add the items they want to purchase. They can also revise or remove them without having to go to the cart page.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $19

Notable Features of Mini Ajax Cart

🟒 Create Unlimited Shopping Carts
🟒 Selectively Display the Cart
🟒 Display Coupon Form in the Cart Panel
🟒 Cart Buttons Settings
🟒 Ajax Checkout Option On Cart Panel
🟒 Import/Export Settings From One Cart To Another

Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce

Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce, Woooplugin

Our last free cart plugin is “Mini Cart Drawer“. You can use this plugin to interact with mini carts with many styles, colors, and effects for WooCommerce. You can change the quantity of a product. You can remove it from the cart. With this, you can change its configuration with a live preview. It is a fully Ajax-based mini cart.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $29 with a 30-day money guarantee

Notable Features of Mini Cart Drawer

🟒 Mini cart drawer & configuration
🟒 WP Customizer Configuration
🟒 All Free Features
🟒 Mini cart drawer configuration
🟒 Mini cart drawer coupon input configuration
🟒 Sale Booster Module ( Dynamic Discount)

WooCommerce Cart All in One (Pro)

WooCommerce Cart All in One, Woooplugin

Our first full premium plugin is “WooCommerce Cart All in One“. It helps you to boost your sales with the WooCommerce mini cart. Customers can fulfill their orders with a single click. One-click checkout saves customers time by checking out directly on the sidebar cart, bypassing the cart page.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $30

Notable Features of WooCommerce Cart All-in-One

🟒 Sidebar cart
🟒 Menu Cart
🟒 Ajax Add to cart
🟒 Add to cart for variable products
🟒 Sticky Add to cart
🟒 Recently viewed products
🟒 Checkout area on Sidebar Cart

Sticky Mini Cart For WooCommerce (Pro)

Sticky Mini Cart For WooCommerce, woooplugin

Want to amplify the sales by enhancing your customer experience? Then check the “Sticky Mini Cart for WooCommerce” plugin. This plugin comes with a user-friendly interface that can be achieved from Sticky Mini Cart. You can also enhance your customer experience and multiply your sales by letting the visitors review their cart products. The customers can easily add, edit, update, or delete the products of the cart with Ajax, fly image effect, or loader effect.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $15

Notable Features of Sticky Mini Cart For WooCommerce

🟒 Design a Mini Cart with 10 pre-defined templates.
🟒 Place the Sticky Mini Cart in six different positions.
🟒 Enable or disable the Fly image animation to the Sticky Mini Cart.
🟒 Show Sticky Mini Cart with unique font icons.
🟒 Enable or disable to show the Subtotal price in the cart.
🟒 Enable or disable to change the quantity of products on the cart.
🟒 Enable or disable to remove products from the cart.
🟒 Display product variation attributes in the cart.

WooCommerce All-in-One Cart (Pro)

WooCommerce All in One Cart, woooplugin

Last but not least WooCommerce cart plugin is the “WooCommerce All-in-One Cart” plugin. The plugin brings both mini carts and check-out features together. The plugin has been developed to reduce your cart abandonment rate by streamlining the WooCommerce checkout process.

πŸ‘‰ Price starts at $49

Notable Features of Sticky Mini Cart For WooCommerce

🟒 Quick & Simplified WooCommerce checkout process
🟒 Ajax based Side Cart & Popup Cart
🟒 Ajax Add to Cart feature on every page including single product page
🟒 Add to cart fly animation (Icons or product featured image)
🟒 Ajax-based auto increment/decrement cart items
🟒 Ajax-based empty cart button
🟒 Ajax-based variable product view & add to cart from any page

Recommended WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin

There are multiple WooCommerce mini cart plugins that we have listed above. All of the plugins have trusty and related features. More or less they have cart features. However, the main differences are user experience, documentation, and presentation. Based on our experience, we have 3 recommended plugins.

  • Mini Ajax Cart for WooCommerce – Our first recommendation is a Mini Ajax Cart for WooCommerce made by HasThemes. HasTech is the parent company that has many established WooCommerce plugins like ShopLentor. So, we are confident that users will have a better experience with this WooCommerce mini cart plugin.
  • WooCommerce Cart All in One – We also recommend you check this plugin in case you are a fan of Envato. As the plugin has been approved in this marketplace, it has a quality design with a better development team.
  • WooCommerce All-in-One Cart We recommend this plugin due to its unique functionality. Not only the mini cart feature, the plugin also brings WooCommerce quick checkout features.

Final Words for WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin

That’s all about the list of cart plugins. Hope you can select the best WooCommerce mini cart plugin for your store. You can also read other WooCommerce-related blogs as the best filter plugin list blog. We are also available on social media.