Effective way to Grow your business with BOGO discounts in Woocommerce 2024


Are you looking for discounts plugin that helps you to boost your business? You are in the right place. In this article i will briefly describe about BOGO discounts in WooCommerce. Let’s come to the details

Business owners find a lot of strategies to grow online business. Selling products online is very challenging because You have many competitors. To grow your business one of the prior techniques is to engage with your customer so that they are eager to purchase your products. Discountify is a WooCommerce discount rule and dynamic pricing plugin that allows you to set different discount rules in WordPress eCommerce stores.

You have to use some tactics to increase revenue. Customers are more interested in appealing offers of the desired product.  It makes a positive impression on the customer’s mind. You need to offer discounts on products at the right time, right place on the appropriate product.It is also useful for stock clearance.

What is BOGO discounts?

Bogo discounts offer your customer similar to another category product on purchase. You can set purchase rules like buy X get X , buy X get Y. Such as Buy 2 Shirts get 1 Shirt totally Free. Buy 1 burger and 1 packet french fry is totally free. BOGO Discounts can be Automatic or Promo Code based.

Clients consider bogo discounts which are easy to understand and the offer should be in limited time. So that they can try to grab the offer as soon as possible. It’s called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). 

Clients Attracts with this offers

Make a meaningful and easily understandable offer for the user with better UX that customers feel good with your offer and compel them to make a decision to purchase your products.

Increase Sales with Bogo discounts in woocommerce

Bogo offers push customers to purchase more and more. If you want to boost your sales, Discountify will help you to achieve the goal.

Customer Pleased is confirmed

Bogo discounts in woocommerce offer satisfaction and happy mode. You need to apply tricks to run the ads. Calculate the discounts and show the customers how many percent have saved from these discounts. Thus customers will be pleased and buy more products from your store.

Create a bridge between Buyer and Sellers

BOGO offers create a positive image on the customer mind. Customers can be converted into recurring if they get better customer support and good quality products. It’s very important to make a relationship between Owner and Customers. Bogo Offer is the most effective way to make this relation. Customers can act as Ads for the store to the other customer. Thus you will have a positive effect on your revenue.

Good for Stock clearance 

A BOGO deal is most typically applied when a store owner needs to sell old product from the stock. It’s an effective marketing strategy to sell a bunch of products. Discountify offers like these push the customer to buy more from your store.Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, etc. are a best way to reach out to your customers. You have to run ads at the right time based on the target region.

Though businesses can generate revenue from BOGO promotions, WooCommerce doesn’t have the system to make such deals. Woo have coupon based system.  However you can solve the limitation with the plugin Discountify – The Most Effective WooCommerce Plugins for BOGO Deals

Discountify plugin offers a bunch of exclusive Features

  1. Clean UX that help user to set easy bogo deals
  2. Set percentage and flat discounts on category/products
  3. Set BOGO offer Buy 1 get 1
  4.  Buy 1 get percentage or flat discount on another products
  5. Set BOGO offer Buy from A category products and get B category Products
BOGO Discounts in WooCommerce

Discounts List

BOGO Discounts in WooCommerce

Set Bogo Discounts

BOGO discounts in WooCommerce
  • I have added 1 Cap and got a bogo discount 1 cap free.
  • In this way if i add a minimum 2 Caps i will get 3% discounts on 1 cap out of 2 cap.
  • If I add a minimum of 3 Caps I will get 3$ on 3rd caps.


There is a lot’s of strategies to grow your business. Offer promotion is one of the best practice. Research your competitor Bogo offer and set a competitve BOGO promotion to maximise your sales.

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