How to Filter Woocommerce Orders by Products to Increase Sales in 2024

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Are you looking for a tutorial on filter WooCommerce order by product? You are in the right place.

eCommerce system has many challenges to be a successful shop owner in the competitive market. Managing order is one of them. It will be a big challenge to find the best selling product when every day a lot of orders are placed in the store. Shop Owner or admin needs to find orders by specific product.  In this article, you will get the knowledge of how to increase sales.

Suppose you are a shop owner. You have built a store for selling burgers by WooCommerce. Now you need to analyze which is the best-selling burger in your store. With these analytics, you can easily filter out where you have to emphasize for increased sales. You can also filter by date range and specific time. It will help you to choose the pick hour of the product. 

Woocommerce is a very powerful tool to build an e-commerce store. However, it has some limitations to search order lists. In this post, we will briefly discuss WooCommerce default filter options and the best solution for filter products.

Filter Woocommerce Order by Default Options

You will get three default filter parameter options on the Woocommerce order list page. First, open the order page from Woocommerce => orders. 

 filter woocommerce order by product

Apply Bulk Actions 

Bulk edit option is used to change order status and move order to trash. For this select orders and click on Bulk Option. You can restore the order after trashing the order.

WooCommerce filter Order By Order status 

Here Woocommerce divides the order into different parts. Completed, Processing, Hold. Suppose you click on “Completed”  and get all the completed orders. So you can measure Failed orders and hold orders, thus you can improve your business.

WooCommerce Find Order By dates 

Woocommerce has the default option Order by date. If you click on the date dropdown option. You will get all date options and a list of months that you have received orders from clients in your store. You will get all orders for the specific month. Suppose you want to get all the orders for February. So you can click on February 2024. You will get all the orders for February. In this filtering, you can monitor in which month you get the best sales.

Woocommerce Filter Orders by Customers

Find by the customer is the last default editor option provided by WooCommerce. Here you will get all registered customer lists of your store. You can select one of them and will get all the orders of the specific customer. 

Above all the discussion you can easily identify WooCommerce has limitations to find order. Find by product is not available in the default order filtering option

Let’s see how you can use this plugin to WooCommerce find orders by product and other details.

Filter WooCommerce orders by Filter Plus plugin

WooCommerce Product Filter, WordPress Filtering by Ratings, Tags, Price Range Plugin – Filter Plus is the best filtering plugin. You can find everything with this plugin. It has three types of filtering.

Filter Woocommerce Product

Filter Woocommerce Order by Product

You will get another amazing part of this plugin. Filter Woocommerce orders by product in WooCommerce order. You can also Filter products by order status. Suppose as a store admin of a restaurant, the owner wants to filter how many orders have been placed for pizza and what is the order status of these items. He can also monitor the order time. When he gets the highest amount of orders. By this point, he can increase the revenue of his business.

filter woocommerce order by product

Filter WordPress Product

Filter Plus offers a powerful plugin to improve customer experience in filtering products. Find wordpress post and custom post types. It offers multiple filtering options like category, tags, and taxonomy to filter wordpress blog posts or custom post types. By this, you can search blogs, custom posts like events, speakers, or any custom posts.


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